Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"Denim Queen"....22 inch bear created from vintage upholstery fabric. Vintage denim jacket embellished with rhinestones & ribbon roses. .....Sweater is hand made and beaded...."Beauty mark" (rhinestone) near Queen's bear nose. OOAK creation...$200. $15 for shipping.  This item has SOLD. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Santa 1: Created from red imported mohair with dark tippings.  OOAK creation. Wooden sled with beaded brush trees. Hat is recycled fur (real).(I think it is coyote' fur) Bear stands 11-12 inches high; his sleigh is 9 inches long. $95. Free Shipping.  This item has sold!!! Thank you so much!!

Santa 2: Imported mohair; red with dark tips. Vintage velvet hat...1960's era.....with bells (not shown). Santa is holding a beaded bottle brush tree. He is 11 inches high. $85 with free shipping.

"Two Pals"....Vintage "Yes-No" monkey found at an antique show...with his favorite friend bear created from upholstery weight imported mohair. The monkey's tail provides the movement. Raspberry colored bear is 11-12 inches in size. OOAK item....traditional in nature. $95. $10 shipping. This item has SOLD. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

"BlueBoy and Spots" together....a VERY CLASSY piece created from short nap mohairs. Both creations sport vintage buttons/beads. BlueBoy is stuffed with excelsior/wood wool and is very light weight; his legs are made from black "faux" leather. BlueBoy is about 16 inches; Spots is small....HAND SEWN....about 6 to 8 inches. OOAK piece......traditional/antique look. $185. $15 for shipping.

"WillieLuvYou"??? has FINALLY found his style. His mohair is HAND WOVEN, HAND DYED, HAND LOOMED and is now considered VINTAGE!! (You cannot purchase this fabric any more, as far as I know; the artist is not creating this fabric).  His little bear friend is an antique/vintage bear piece also, hand painted and sporting the red beret. (Rubber band holds him on Willie's lap for photo-ing). Willie has his own leather cap with a copper "propellor".....embossed leather paws and footpads. OOAK item, well worth the $135 price....$10 shipping.