Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Sparkle & Mr. TomTom

Mr. TomTom .....Created from a variety of vintage viscoseRayon fabrics, found in vintage child's coats. Ears & tail are wired, TomTom is fully jointed. His collar has dog bones/doggie paws ribbons with pink rhinestones. TomTom is a good doggie; he sits well!

Sparkle's face has glitter added to define the eyes; the leather beret is vintage with added rhinestone trim on the band. Her sparkly pin is vintage rhinestone. Sparkle is a 22 inch bear created from vintage velvet mohair upholstery fabric. She is fully jointed with armature for posing. Priced @ $200 with $10 for shipping to help defray some shipping costs. (The shipping costs will be more than the amount quoted, but I will pay the extra).

This item has sold!! Thank you so much, Ellen!

"Baby Rosebud"

Measures 10 inches from bottom of feet to tips of ears....fully jointed. Created from imported mohair--string mohair and alpaca combination. Glass eyes. Crowned with lovely paper flowers. Nice little "fat" girl....OOAK item. Priced @ $85

"May's Delight"

May's Delight (named for the Merry Month of May, of course!!) Created from imported mohair, white with aqua tips. She is fully jointed, glass eyes, measures16 inches from head to toe...vintage shoes....handmade and beaded sweater....carpetbag of flowers is handmade also. May's ears are wired for posing if necessary. Priced @ $175 with $10 shipping to help defray shipping costs. (In other words, shipping cost total will be more than the amount quoted, but I will pay the extra).


A Big  Guy! 26 inches created from antique carriage robe...woolen, with yarn couching on all the seams....his head is imported mohair to match the autumn colors in the carriage robe. HE tells me he is a male, even though he has heavy vintage lace piece front and back....60's era, I believe, created using cotton crochet threads. He loves CARNELIAN!!--so be it...he wears carnelian beads around this collar. He is a very proud boy and wears hes jewels & lace well.  Price is $355.  No additional shipping costs.

"Mr. Blue Guy with Woodie"

Mr. Blue-Guy....sometimes I cannot think of snappy names....is 22 inches, created from a variety of imported mohairs, fully jointed with glass eyes. He is stuffed with a combination of fiberfill and wood-wool (excelsior?)....His legs are faux black leather. His hat is a combination of artist paper and doggie-bone ribbon with artist "hat" or stick pin.  The large buttons are vintage from my collection.

WOODIE, his pal, is a vintage pull toy made from wood. I do not know the date of this; it measures 10 inches long; feet are 2 1/2 inches high. Priced @ $160, with $10 for any shipping.

"Lapin Gold"

Created from antique/vintage viscoseRayon....originally a BLACK cape that I removed the color, just to experiment! This lovely gold color remained. I have made a few special bears from this cape for a few special friends; this is the very last of it. This piece measures 10 inches tall; the embellishment is a vintage piece i made into a pin. Iridescent colors...OOAK item to be sure. Priced @ $85.

This item has sold!! Thank you so much, Lucille!

 "Our Man About Town"

A 16 inch hare created from a "curly" imported mohair....ears, too....these are wired; he is fully jointed and has armature, making his arms more poseable. Neck piece is vintage ribbons; vintage button and bead for the top hat embellishment.....the walking stick is an antique thread spool with brass knob added. Quite the dapper guy!! OOAK item. Priced @ $185 with $10 for shipping.

"Maizie at the Spring Fling!"

Perhaps I've inundated the consumer with too many photos here, but I wanted to show Maizie in all her glory!! She is a standing rabbit (hare, lapin) of 16 inches, and one can just tell by her NAME what kinda gal SHE really is! I had so much FUN with this one....using some of my favorite embellishments from my collections. She is created from imported mohair, a rather straight unruly mohair, and so I felt she needed beads, pearls, sequins, and a fancy hat to overcome the fur. An OOAK item to be sure, Maizie is priced @ $185 with $10 for shipping.