Thursday, August 17, 2017

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 "When Pigs Travel, They Fly!" 
Sometimes, in order to have Fun in the Sun, one must use unique travel accommodations. As you can see, these small bear guys (11 inches) have been to quite a few SUN and Fun places!
Pig is wooden, carved by another artist...a vintage piece, actually, the wings created by Maggie. (So much FUN, too)!! Piece stands 19 inches high.  OOAK piece....$295

"Almost a Mermaid" has found her Fun in the Sun by going to the beach! She is an 11 inch bear, mohair, with all the beach accoutrements....she loves the life guard's chair the best. She can see EVERYTHING!! OOAk artist creation, of course.  $85

                                                                                                       "Fly Boy Blue" arrived with his bi-plane. He's a renowned flyer from the "old school" as indicated by his vintage flying medal. He carries his flight plan under his hat. An 11 inch bear, smoky blue in color...He puts Howard Hughes to shame!! The photos do not do him justice, but he is a GREAT collectible item! OOAK piece. $85

This gal has FUN after the sun goes down! She is "Puttin' on the Glitz" in a size 8 sequined shoe....(which I LOVE but cannot wear at my age)..She is created from mohair with gold threads running through out the fabric. She wears her rhinestones and pearls very well in her feathered throne. Fur boa....EYELASHES, TOO!! Priced at $105.   

 To end our busy day of "Fun in the Sun", we have vintage viscose ( SOFT!) in an OOAK painted wineglass. Vintage buttons embellish this little lady, hand sewn every stitch by Maggie Newman. About a 6/7 inch bear. Total piece measures about 12 inches....$95  

 Newest bear fetish bracelet cuff, hand beaded with vintage Bakelite button closure. Measures 1 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches long. Will fit 7/8 inch wrists. $60.   

Carved bone (not ivory) showing 2 bears with an eagle. Embellished with coral spikes; semi-precious stone with beading. Measures 5 inches long and comes with goldtone neck collar piece. OOAK item created by Maggie Newman. $75.

 "Last but not least" as they Eagle, Bear, & Lady fetish from carved bone with beaded embellishment (fresh water pearls) and semi-precious stone. This is a (heavy) brooch pin that one might wear on a coat or shawl.  Five inches long.
OOAK piece @ $65.

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